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Australia Launches First Artificial Intelligence Legal Assistant

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IRIQ Law has partnered with Blackbook AI to design and launch Riqi, Australia’s first artificial intelligence employee legal assistant   The program, nicknamed Riqi, will now be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on the IRIQ Law's website to assist employees who are looking to bring legal action against their employers for unfair dismissal, unlawful terminations, workplace bullying, workplace discrimination, underpayments, and general protections.   The program will ask relevant questions, seek information and provide an opportunity for employees to upload relevant documents.  For a modest fee, Riqi will advise the employee whether they have a likely..

What Exactly Is a Court Clerk?

Court Clerk in a courtroom

When you think of court proceedings, there is a good chance you are thinking of somber black-robed judges, bewigged lawyers, or defendants in orange jumpsuits.    As with most proceedings that are commonly misunderstood, these images have more in common with TV shows than the actual courtroom and often miss out key members of the US judicial system, such as the Ballif, court stenographer, and the court clerk.   The court clerk is a vital, although less visible, a position that deals with the administrative side of the legal system. So, if you are considering a career in law, but..

What Makes a Good Legal Secretary?

Legal assistant working together in lawyer office

The position of legal secretary or legal assistant is an important one in any law firm and the role can be quite difficult to access without certain skills or experience. In this article, we will be looking at what skillsets employers look for in a good Legal Secretary and what skills you can transfer over from previous roles. What You Need to Be Good Legal Secretary The duties of a legal secretary include a mixture of administrative work and a good understanding of the law. Most law firms will want an individual with relevant education and a genuine interest in..

5 Areas of Law You’ll Cover as a Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant

Becoming a legal assistant means becoming a key part of a normally fast-paced legal practice and having to multitask, dividing your attention between multiple important and diverse tasks.    As a legal assistant, your understanding of the law and the lawyer’s needs are critical. That’s why, at Northwest Career College, your Legal Assistant School Instructors are comprised of experienced legal professionals including attorneys, paralegals, and seasoned specialists.    Our instructors are able not only to teach you the law but also to guide you as to the many ways a legal assistant integrates into a Las Vegas law practice.  ..