How Pharmacy Technicians Can Keep Up on New Drug Releases

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  • July 9, 2024
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How Pharmacy Technicians Can Keep Up on New Drug Releases

As a pharmacy technician, keeping up with the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry is essential. With new drugs being released almost daily, staying updated is crucial to providing the best possible care to patients. In this blog, we’ll explore some helpful tips on how pharmacy technicians can stay informed about new drug releases and other advancements in the field.

Attend Continuing Education Programs Regularly

Pharmacy technicians must engage in continuing education to stay updated on new drug releases and industry trends. Several states mandate pharmacy technicians to complete a certain number of hours of continuing education to maintain their certification. These programs provide information on new drugs, including their uses, side effects, and interactions. Workshops, webinars, and conferences are valuable opportunities for technicians to learn from industry experts and network with peers.

Subscribe to Professional Journals and Magazines

Articles on new releases of drugs, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical research are usually found in journals and magazines, such as the Journal of Pharmacy Technology, Pharmacy Times, and Drug Topics. Subscribing to these publications will ensure you get the latest information directly from credible, recognized sources. Setting aside time to review these journals each week will help keep you updated on new developments within the pharmaceutical sector.

Utilize Online Resources and Databases

FDA’s Drug Approval Database, Medscape, and the National Library of Medicine are some websites that have updates on newly approved drugs, clinical guidelines, and research studies. Using their online tools will allow you to get information on new medications and uses in a more timely fashion. Newsletters give you the convenience of regularly getting updates to your email.

Join Professional Organizations

Becoming a member of professional organizations like the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians or the National Pharmacy Technician Association is a great idea for new pharmacy technicians. These organizations often provide members access to exclusive resources, educational materials, and industry news. 

Participating in local chapter meetings and national conferences can also bring about the opportunity for education regarding new drug releases or networking with other professionals working in the chosen field.

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Engaging with Pharmaceutical Representatives

Pharmaceutical representatives can often provide the best education about new drug releases. A relationship can be built with the representative, who then keeps you up-to-date on the latest medications, their benefits, and side effects.

Collaborate with Pharmacists and Healthcare Providers.

Pharmacists and others in health care may be excellent resources for new drug information. Regular contact with the pharmacists you work with will help you stay current on new medications and how to apply new pharmaceuticals to practice. Interdisciplinary meetings and discussions also provide a sense of what new drugs are being implemented in patient care.

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A pharmacy technician must stay updated on new drugs to serve patients better. Keeping abreast of these developments in the field increases professional competence, improves patient outcomes, and enhances healthcare quality. Are you interested in starting a career as a pharmacy technician? Please learn more about our program at Northwest Career College as you begin your journey toward a meaningful career.

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