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  • Massage Therapy
  • March 11, 2024
  • 2 min read

Many people want to get the skills they need fast, in order to jumpstart a new career. A career training program can enable you to enter high growth fields quickly.

Massage Therapy: A High Growth Field

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Medical researchers have found many benefits associated with regular Massage Therapy for people in a variety of lifestyles. Massage Therapists are in a great position to find employment as we enter the second half of the decade.

The U.S. government predicts that this profession will grow by more than 20% from 2012 – 2022. Wages are sure to increase as well, due to higher demand.

The Northwest Career College has an excellent Massage Therapy school in Las Vegas with top-notch facilities including a student clinic open seven days a week to fit your and your clients’ busy schedules. 100% of NWCC graduates pass their national massage therapist license exam (2012-2013 reported data).

Find Higher Wages and Better Quality of Life in Medical and Dental Assisting

Medical assistants are in high demand, with the BLS predicting that from 2012 – 2022 this field will add 29% more jobs, much higher than the national average. A career in this field offers rewarding experiences and excellent pay.

Northwest Career College has a flexible class schedule and a team of job placement experts to help our students get what they need while in school and after they graduate. This field will only continue to grow, and high demand for specialists means excellent wage growth as well.

A Competitive and Rewarding Legal Career Could be the Right Choice

Legal services are in high demand, and law firms need a support staff of experts who can help ensure their business runs smoothly. Paralegals in Las Vegas can make excellent pay with great hours.

The Paralegal Studies associates degree program at Northwest Career College can help you enter the labor force in as little as 18 months. Class schedules are flexible, so you can get the education you need without worrying about conflicts with family, work, and other responsibilities.

Education empowers individuals to find new, more lucrative and satisfying careers. Career training programs are accelerated learning experiences that prepare students for a variety of specialized fields.

Ivy Adams
Massage Therapy Program Chair

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Ivy is a proud graduate of Northwest Career College, class of 1999, and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist ever since. Her eighteen years of experience has taken her through an eclectic array of…Read Full Bio