5 Reasons to Choose a Career in Phlebotomy

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  • March 12, 2024
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5 Reasons to Choose a Career in Phlebotomy

Have you ever thought about starting your career in healthcare but are not sure that you’re able to commit to a training program that lasts for a long time? Are you sure you want to work with your hands to deliver direct patient care? Are you confident that you won’t get nervous around blood or needles? If so, becoming a phlebotomist might just be the path you’re looking for. In this article, we will explore the top five reasons why you may want to choose a career in phlebotomy.

Reason 1 – Get your foot in the door.

If you have never worked in healthcare, it can feel like an intimidating field to break into. However, phlebotomy can be a fantastic entry point into the medical world. Phlebotomists play a crucial role in patient care and diagnostics. Their primary role is to drop blood and collect other specimens for medical tests.

As a phlebotomist, most of the time, you are part of a team of professionals in a laboratory setting, medical office, or hospital. You will be able to interact and network with other healthcare professionals daily. You will also be able to interact with patients daily. This is a great way to start exploring patient care and determine if it’s a good fit for you.

Reason 2 – job stability and opportunities.

In many industries, job security can come into question unexpectedly. However, healthcare does not tend to be one of those industries, and neither does phlebotomy as a specific career path. The demand for phlebotomists keeps on growing and has done so at a faster pace than most jobs for quite some time. As long as people need medical care, there will be a need for blood tests and, therefore, a need for phlebotomists.

While it can be difficult to get your first job in the industry, working in high-level settings, such as a hospital, phlebotomists tend to have a range of workplaces to choose from once they have secured sufficient experience in the field. Soon after entering the field, most phlebotomists are confident in their skills and can move quickly through their assigned tasks. Once you have reached that level of performance, this career offers long-term job stability.

As mentioned above, this industry also offers a range of workplaces to choose from. Phlebotomists can work in hospitals, labs, clinics, or as independent contractors providing mobile phlebotomy services.

Reason 3 – make a difference

As a phlebotomist, you help doctors diagnose diseases by enabling medical laboratory technologists to assess the blood samples you collect from your patients. Completing your job accurately (e.g., using the correct tubes and order of draw and handling specimens properly) is important in ensuring quality patient care outcomes. Your assigned responsibilities are crucial for making the rest of the healthcare industry work effectively. 

Beyond the impact that you have on the industry at large, you have a direct impact on patients. Many patients are nervous about getting their blood drawn. You can make the whole process smoother by being a friendly, calming presence. It is incredibly rewarding to know that you’ve helped alleviate a patient’s stress while contributing to a positive outcome for their medical care.

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Reason 4 – Quick Training Leads to a Quick Start 

Unlike the seemingly endless years of school that nurses and physicians must complete, phlebotomy training is often relatively brief. Most phlebotomist can complete their training and get certified in just a few months. Many programs are full-time, but some even offer part-time courses so that you can juggle your training with other responsibilities.

Once certified, you can apply for a license and work in the field. It’s one of the fastest ways to enter the medical field. Most phlebotomists start off working in a laboratory setting or medical office setting. Still, they can later progress to more advanced settings, such as hospitals, blood collection centers, or plasma collection centers.

Reason 5 – Good Return on Investment

Phlebotomist salaries are relatively high, considering the short training required for such positions. Also, the phlebotomy industry can offer flexible hours and part-time opportunities, depending on the setting. This may make it a better choice than other parts of the medical industry for those looking to balance work with other aspects of life.

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If you’re looking for a rewarding and in-demand career in healthcare, phlebotomy could be the path for you. It offers you a fast track into the world of healthcare and allows you to make a real impact on patients’ lives. You will likely enjoy good job stability and a satisfying salary in the industry. Overall, it is a very attractive career choice for many seeking to springboard into the healthcare industry.

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