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Tech Tools for Business Administrative Assistants

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Business administrative assistants are the beating heart of any organization, working hard behind the scenes to ensure that everything is going smoothly, everyone is in the right place, and that they have what they need.   As amazing as they are, even the best business administrative assistant needs a little help every once in a while and today we’ll be looking at a few tech tools that will help you streamline both your work and your time. Followup As a business administrative assistant, there is a good chance that you day always starts with dealing with an avalanche of emails...

How to Stay Safe While Studying During Covid

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For many, the global Covid-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on their studies. However, with many states now putting new measures in place to ensure that students can continue their education, the emphasis has now shifted to how to stay safe while studying during Covid.   In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the ways you can stay healthy while still getting the education you deserve.  Prioritize Online Classes Many education venues are now offering online classes as an alternative to traditional classroom studies. Online classes allow students to get the education they need without the added risk..

Robotic Phlebotomist Could Help With Covid Testing


The current outbreak of Covid-19 has put immense pressure on both the wider healthcare system in the U.S and phlebotomists in particular.  The greater need for antibody tests, which normally involve a blood draw, and the difficulties of conducting standard blood tests during social distancing have placed phlebotomists in high demand.   However, engineers at Rutgers University have developed a robot that autonomously draws patient blood and immediately performs hematology analysis. Such technology may help to speed up patient care, free clinicians to do other tasks, and even reduce the number of failed IV starts. Reducing the Workload of Phlebotomists..

Tech Tools for Dental Administrative Assistants

Dental Administrative Assistant

As a busy dental administrative assistant, you’ll find that your time is at a premium. Having the right set of tools on hand to streamline your workload and give you back the time lost to inefficiency is vital. In today’s’ article we’ll be looking at some tech tools that can do just that. Hootsuite Dentists’ offices are businesses and businesses need customers, which, in this day and age often means social media marketing. More often than not, managing social media accounts falls to the administrative assistant.    Hootsuite is a digital tool that can take a lot of pressure and..

5 Great Books for Medical Billing and Coding Specialists

Medical Billing and Coding Specialists

Medical billing and coding is complex, if vital, part of the modern American healthcare system, and employment opportunities in the medical billing and coding sector have skyrocketed in recent years.   If you are considering training as a medical biller and coder, is you’re currently a billing and coding student, or if you’ve recently graduated and are looking for you first medical billing and coding, there are some excellent books on the market that can help and support you.   Today we’ll be going through those books and what they can offer you. How to Open and Operate a Financially..

How Does Vaccination Work?

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Vaccination is one of the primary tools in modern medical science’s fight against disease and is responsible for the limitation if not outright eradication of some of the most dangerous and formerly prevalent diseases known to humankind.    In this article, we’ll be looking at how vaccines work, how effective they are, and how safe they are. How Does Vaccination Work? Vaccination works by triggering you body’s immune response to produce specific antibodies. These antibodies are large proteins that act as scouts for your immune system, hunting down an infectious agent, and marking it for destruction by the immune system...

The Best Paralegal Support Publications

Paralegal Publications

Law and the connected field of criminal justice are large and complicated areas of study. If you’re just starting out in your paralegal education or have recently graduated you might feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to take in.   The good news is that there are a number of great applications out there that can help you adjust, digest, and keep up with all the relevant information you need as a paralegal, either as a student or a graduate.   In today’s article, we’ll be listing some of these paralegal focussed publications and what..

What Are the World’s Least Spoken Languages

Nigerian language

Linguistically, the world is dominated by a small group of languages spoken by a huge majority of people. Chinese, English, Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu are some of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, but they are just five of the roughly 6,500 languages today.   So what languages are at the other end of the scale? Taushiro (Peru) Taushiro, also known as Pinche or Pinchi, is a very nearly extinct language from the Peruvian Amazon near Ecuador. The last known speaker of the Taushiro is Amadeo García García who lives in the northeastern Peruvian region of Loreto.   ..

5 Challenges Every Medical Administrative Assistant Has to Overcome

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Becoming a medical administrative assistant means taking on a challenging position and some significant responsibilities. Just because the position isn’t medical or patient-facing, doesn’t mean it isn’t one that requires a significant amount of dedication or that it isn’t vital to the function of a well-run healthcare facility.   In return for shouldering these responsibilities, medical administrative assistants are rewarded with a well-paid, well-respected position with great job satisfaction. If you feel you have what it takes to overcome the challenges we’ve listed below, then you might find you’re well suited to an exciting career as a medical administrative assistant...

A Dental Assistants Guide to Suctioning

Dental Assistants

One of the primary responsibilities of a dental assistant is to maintaining moisture control during dental procedures. Working inside someone’s mouth means saliva and an excess of saliva can obstruct what the dentist is trying to accomplish.   In this article, we’ll be looking at what different equipment is used for suctioning and what the different techniques are. Oral Evacuation System - Saliva Ejector The smaller Saliva Ejector is used to keep moisture control during non-invasive dental procedures. The smaller tube of the Saliva Ejector is able to remove excess fluids, but not debris or clotted blood.    Saliva Ejectors..