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Blogs to Help You Stay Healthy as a Medical Biller and Coder

Medical Biller and Coder

Working as a medical biller and coder can be a fast-paced and demanding role with an emphasis on accuracy and speed. Working to stay healthy is an important part of being the best at your job and a digital job requires a digital solution.   to help out, we’ve put together a list of great blogs that will help you stay healthy as a medical biller and coder. ACE Fitness ACE stands for The American Council on Exercise and if you are wanting to get fitter but don’t know where to start in a world filled with fad diets and..

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring

The current COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed how we approach healthcare and will have far-reaching effects on the future of the healthcare system. One of the side effects of this rapid change is the advancement of technological innovations to overcome the challenges of socially-distanced medical care.   Originally designed to help NASA monitor the health of astronauts, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) allows healthcare providers, community nurses, and pharmacies to track important data on patients without needing face-to-face meetings.   In this article, we’ll be looking at how RPM works, its effectiveness, and how it could change how we approach healthcare...

How is A.I Affecting Paralegals?

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (A.I) is one of the most commonly addressed topics when it comes to how technology is affecting our workplace. While A.I has the potential to improve the way we work and take the burden of repetitive tasks out of our daily schedules, there is a worry that use greater use of A.I will lead to job losses.   In this article, we’ll be looking at how A.I is being used in the legal field and how this could impact the role of the paralegal. Artificial Intelligence Vs Repeat Process Automation A.I is a topic that..

5 Simple Tips for Writing a Resume (Even if You Have No Experience)

resume stand out

If you’ve just graduated from one of our career-changing programs and are applying for your first position, you might have run into some issues writing your resume. Traditionally, resumes are written around the experiences you have had in the field you are applying for, which can make things a little difficult if you don’t have any experience yet.   To make your life a little easier, here are five tips to help you write out your resume, even if you don’t have any experience yet. 1) Put in a Career Objective The point of a career objective is to draw..

How to Include Language Skills on Your Resume

Your Resume

In our increasingly interconnected world, possessing proficiency in multiple languages can open a range of professional opportunities. However, it can be difficult to correctly frame your language skills on your resume to make yourself more noticeable to an employer.   In this article, we’ll be giving you some tips on how you can include language skills on your resume and use them to add value to your job applications. Why are language skills important? Communication is a key part of any professional position. Learning a new language not only opens up a new way for you to communicate with others,..

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Education

online study

Online career training has become more common than ever before and many hundreds of thousands of people use online learning to qualify for their future career opportunities every year.    However, unlike the traditional education structure we’re all familiar with, many people still have some questions about how online education works. To help clear things up, today we’ll be answering three of the most frequently asked questions about online education. Is There a Difference Between Traditional Courses and Courses Designed for Online Study? Absolutely there is!    Teaching a class online and learning online both have different benefits to traditional..

Finding the Right Shoes as a Dental Assistant

dental clinic

When preparing for your first day as a newly qualified dental assistant, your choice of footwear isn’t likely to e the first thing on your mind. However, did you know that the average dental assistant takes about 12,000 steps, which is about five miles, every day?   Suddenly having the right shoes for the job doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it?   In this article, we’ll be looking at what the usual uniform requirements are for a dental assistant and why the shoes are the most important part.  What Uniform Will I Be Wearing? While the exact uniform..

How Stretching Prevents Damage During Workouts

Stretching before exercise

For many people exercise is something they need to fit in around their busy work/life routines. Being on a short timeframe can mean that the easy thing to do is to hit the gym and jump straight on the weights or the treadmill. Stretching is a luxury that most people don’t think they have time for.   However, proper stretching both before and after exercise is critical to avoiding injuries that can stall your exercise routines. In this article, we’ll be looking at how stretching prevents injuries and how you should do it. Avoid Static Stretching Before we get started,..

What Role Does a Legal Assistant Play in Different Areas of Law?

legal assisting

If there was one word to describe the work of a legal assistant, then “varied” might very well cover it. Working behind the scenes to make sure that the attornies have what they need to move their case forward, legal assistants might work in multiple fields of law for a large legal firm, or for a company that specializes in particular areas of law.   In this article, we’ll be looking at the roles legal assistants play in common areas of law. Civil Litigation  Civil litigation in an area of law where paperwork and personal interactions are the order of..

5 More of the Best True Crime Podcasts

Crime Podcasts

We’ve already done an article highlighting five of the best true crime podcasts out there, but true crime is so popular with those considering a career in criminal justice and there are so many amazing podcasts other there that we needed another article to keep up with demand!   So, if you’ve run through the best that Serial or My Favorite Murder has to offer and you’re looking for something else to give you that true crime fix, look no further. To Live and Die in LA Hosted by Rolling Stone journalist Neil Strauss, To Live and Die in LA..