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How Much Money Does a Dental Administrative Assistant Make?

Dental Administrative Assistant

A dental assistant is a dental professional who assists the dentist by providing dental care to patients. Some of the duties that dental assistants do are taking X-rays, cleaning teeth, applying fluoride treatments, and giving local anesthesia injections. But what does a dental administrative assistant make? In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about earning money in this profession. How much can you make as a dental administrative assistant? The average salary of a dental administrative assistant is between $30,000 to $40,000 per year. The average wage of a dental administrative assistant in Nevada is $33,000..

Can You Train to Be a Phlebotomist Online?

phlebotomist online

Many phlebotomy training programs are available online, but is it possible to train for phlebotomy without physically going to class? The answer is yes!   Northwest Career College offers phlebotomy training in a variety of formats. You can take the course online and get hands-on experience through their partner hospital. Or you can enroll in NCC's phlebotomist program and receive full classroom instruction with labs on-site at the school.   All these options will help you be well prepared for your future career as a phlebotomist! Training to be a phlebotomist online Online vocational training has become increasingly common in..

The Benefits of an Associate’s Degree in Medical Billing and Coding

billing and coding

Attending medical school is not for everyone.    Northwest Career College offers an associate's degree in medical billing and coding that will provide the knowledge you need to succeed in this growing field. The medical billing and coding industry is a growing sector in the medical field. As medical technology advances, there are more people entering the medical billing and coding field to help make sense of it all.   Medical professionals need medical billers and coders to process insurance claims, code diagnoses for patients' medical records, track payments from various insurers, verify accuracy of patient statements on Medicare forms,..

5 Steps to Becoming a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Have you ever thought about how fascinating a career as a pharmacy technician might be? If so, there are many ways to get started.    Pharmacy technicians are in demand right now, and for good reason. The average salary of a pharmacy technician is $30,000 a year.    You can find many jobs with flexible hours and work in a variety of settings! Becoming a pharmacy technician is easier than you think - Northwest Career College offers an online course that will show how to become a pharmacy technician in just nine months!   If you’re interested in becoming a..

Land Your Dream Job with an Online Paralegal Certification from Northwest Career College

Paralegal Certification

If you're looking for a career change, paralegal certification might be the perfect option! Northwest Career College offers paralegal certificates online that are designed to prepare  students for careers in law.   These courses will teach you how to research legal issues, write legal documents, and create timelines just like paralegals do every day!   The best part is that these courses can be taken from anywhere with an internet connection. What are you waiting for? What is a paralegal? A paralegal is a legal professional who is not an attorney.   Paralegals perform tasks such as researching the law,..