Beginning a Career in Health Insurance

A healthcare personnel inserting a needle in a patient'f vein

As quoted from Health Insurance Today by Janet I. Beik, it is wise, before you begin any program, be it at a Community College, Technical school or at Northwest Career College, to ask yourself, “Where will this take me, and what career opportunities are available?” Naturally, the first question on many individuals’ minds is “How much money can I make?” This is a logical question but there are many other considerations when choosing a career.


Another wise person once said “If you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day the rest of your life.” The administrative health insurance professional plays a crucial role in health care and one that is increasingly in demand. Program length for a health insurance professional is 2-4 years at community colleges and technical schools and 7-9 months at career colleges such at Northwest Career College.


Success as a health insurance professional requires a certain degree of competency or knowledge in general educational areas. To increase the potential for success candidates entering this field should possess reading and comprehension, basic math skills, English and grammar along with oral and written communication skills. If this sounds like a career you would like to investigate further, call Northwest Career College for a personal tour.