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“I never realized that taking an ESL course could be so much fun. Our instructor was knowledgeable, easy to understand and patient. Thank you Northwest for providing this great opportunity to me and my family.”
Eva Blas-

Free Basic Computer Classes in Las Vegas

This course teaches Spanish speaking students English as a second language and other members of our community the basics of using computers. These basic technology skills are essential to obtaining employment,advancing yourself educationally and functioning more easily in today’s tech-savvy world. Our instructors are seasoned in working with international students from all over the world.

Free Basic Computer Classes in Las Vegas

 Classes Start February 4th, 2019

 Learn to increase skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, life skills, and pronunciation.

 Learn more about the culture and societal values of English speaking countries.

 Free Basic Computer Classes offers a fantastic opportunity to obtain important skills for working, living, and learning in today’s world.

 Northwest is proud to serve our Spanish speaking student community by helping them to become more proficient in English.

 Northwest is proud to extend our Free Basic Computer Classes to our students’ family and friends

If you are interested in attending one of the Free Free Basic Computer Classes courses offered at Northwest Career College, please call (702) 254-7577 today and speak with our community education counselors or register online.* Free Basic Computer Classes replaces courses are not accredited by ABHES.



Basic Computer Classes

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* ESL courses are not accredited by ABHES
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