What Do You Do in an Emergency?

MA Emergency

I have been teaching Medical Assisting for about eight years now, and one of the things I notice that never gets easier for students is the best response during an emergency. I teach them over and over what to do during an emergency, but when an emergency presents itself, it’s a whole new experience.   I also went through this as a student and new medical assistant. The first time a patient fainted in front of me, I did not respond as quickly as trained. Also, the first time a patient had a seizure in front of me I did..

Beginning a Career in Health Insurance

Medical Assisting

As quoted from Health Insurance Today by Janet I. Beik, it is wise, before you begin any program, be it at a Community College, Technical school or at Northwest Career College, to ask yourself, “Where will this take me, and what career opportunities are available?” Naturally, the first question on many individuals’ minds is “How much money can I make?” This is a logical question but there are many other considerations when choosing a career.   Another wise person once said “If you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day the rest of your..