Behind Every Great Lawyer Is a Great Paralegal

Behind Every Great Lawyer Is a Great Paralegal

“Behind every great lawyer is a great paralegal” is a sentence scrawled on many a magnet and coffee mug. And there’s some truth in the saying, because paralegals aid attorneys in nearly every facet of the legal profession. From drafting motions to summarizing reports of legal precedent, a paralegal can help lighten a lawyer’s load tremendously. Like lawyers, paralegals can specialize in certain types of law, such as criminal, corporate, immigration and family. Also known as legal assistants, paralegals’ involvement in cases depends on their employer’s discretion. Some have a high degree of responsibility and autonomy, while others are restricted..

What is EHR and Why Does It Matter to Me?

What is EHR

A few years ago an EHR became required for most medical offices and medical facilities.  Small practices are not required to convert due to cost and limited number of patients.  The federal government even offered financial incentives for converting to an EHR.   There are several benefits to an EHR not just for providers but for patients as well.  Providers can save space and money in storage with an EHR.  Continuity of care is better for patients as providers have access to much needed results.  Patients can benefit from the continuity of care, which is often a major concern.  Health..

Could Your Tattoo Kill You?

Could Your Tattoo Kill You

Getting “inked” has become more and more popular over the years so much so that even fields like medical assisting are becoming more and more lenient with employee’s sporting them. But could your awesome work of art kill you? There are a variety of reasons people get tattoos including adding a permanent reminder of something meaningful, covering an older unwanted tattoo, covering stretch marks or scars and covering skin blemishes and moles.   According to the Skin Cancer Foundation tattoos especially dark ink tattoos can cover skin cancer. Although there has been no link to cancer and the ink itself..