Spring for a Massage

We all love the arrival of Spring!  That glorious time when nature greens again and all the flowers bloom.  Many of us are doing spring cleaning, either indoor housework or work outdoors like gardening.  Along with this activity come potential aches and pains, not to mention the possibility of a sunburn.  Sunscreen and stretching before any strenuous activity can help, but if that’s not enough, just book yourself a massage!  Let your sun-dried skin be nourished with massage gel and relieve those aching muscles with a good Swedish or deep tissue massage.   Also during Spring, we experience the joys..

To Wear or not to Wear Your Underware

Okay, no one wants to openly discuss it, but I’m talking about the conundrum that some massage seekers experience before every massage. Do I keep on my underwear (panties, boxers, briefs, thong, etc.) or just wear my birthday suit and trust there will be no accidental breach of overexposure during my massage session? Especially in a school setting, some clients are concerned that a little too much will be inadvertently revealed. Relax! This is not something to stress about. Many clients come to Northwest Career College’s massage student clinic to reduce their stress and relieve tension. Experiencing anxiety over whether..

Keeping in Touch

Those who have experienced massage therapy know that great feeling you have afterwards. That serene sense of peace and calm, or the relief in having increased range of motion, or just the feeling that you are relaxed enough to take a nap. As a massage therapist, I have many times had people tell me they wish they could just continue laying on the massage table at the conclusion of a massage, “Could you just send your next client away and let me rest here for another hour?” It would be wonderful to build in additional time for rest after a..