What Are The Benefits Of A Career As A Phlebotomist?

A phlebotomist holding test tubes

Phlebotomists represent a fundamental part of any healthcare practice, with blood draws being the most common invasive medical procedure conducted in U.S. hospitals. The drawing and testing of blood is also a vital link in the diagnostic chain, with laboratory results contributing to nearly 70% of all clinical decision-making. But, aside from the chance to make a real contribution to any medical practice, what are the benefits of a career as a phlebotomist? Primary Benefits Short Training Time: Here at Northwest Career College, our Phlebotomy Course can see students graduate in as little as three months. This short training time..

Making Blood Draws Part Of Patient-Centered Care

Making Blood Draws

Blood draws are the most common invasive medical procedure in hospitals worldwide, with roughly 760 inpatient draws bring conducted every minute in the United States alone. In addition to being a hugely common procedure, blood draws are also a vital one. While difficult to exactly quantify, a commonly stated statistic is that laboratory results contribute to nearly 70% of all clinical decision-making.   Because of the ubiquity of blood draws as a standard component of healthcare delivery, and its invasive nature, blood draws represent an ideal area in which to innovate and focus on patient-centered healthcare. What Are The Problems?..

What is a Phlebotomist?

A Phlebotomist drawing blood

Patients ask me all the time: “You’re a Flee-bot-o-mist?” as they are trying to read my title on my  badge. I can’t help but reply: “Yes, I’m a phlebotomist. It’s greek for ‘vampire’ ”.  It’s a good ice-breaker and you get the patient to laugh. It also gets them thinking: ‘Well, what is a phlebotomist?’ and that’s very important. Not many people realize a phlebotomist is more than just a person with a needle in their hand (or fangs for teeth…see what I did there?).   A phlebotomist is an individual who practices the art of phlebotomy or ‘the incision..