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How Do I Know If a Phlebotomy Course Is Right for Me?

Phlebotomy Course

A phlebotomy technician is an individual who draws blood from patients that is used for blood typing and analysis. The laboratory technicians take the blood that the phlebotomist draws and performs the tests ordered by that the patient’s physician.   These blood tests are extremely important in the accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition. Blood tests are also used to monitor a patient’s medication and for determining a patient’s blood type.    Blood typing is another very important test. If a patient needs a blood transfusion, he can only receive blood that is compatible with his type. Therefore, blood typing..

The Complete Guide to Phlebotomy Training

Phlebotomy Training

The role of the phlebotomist is to take blood from patients, residents, or service users. The technical term for drawing blood is phlebotomy.   In this article, we’ll be explaining why phlebotomy is so important, why good training is vital and what that training might involve. What Is Phlebotomy? Phlebotomy is the practice of obtaining venous blood samples from patients. It is sometimes also referred to as ‘venepuncture’.    Venepuncture is a broader term, meaning puncturing a vein to draw blood but also for other procedures, such as to administer an intravenous injection.   Phlebotomy is a routine task in..

7 Common Blood Clot Myths and Why They’re Wrong

Blood Clot

Blood clots are underdiagnosed medical issues that claim the lives of 300,000 people every year. When a clot restricts the movement of blood, the health consequences for the victim can be severe and the worst part is that the majority of embolisms are entirely preventable.   One of the reasons behind the underdiagnoses of blood clots is that there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there about them. In this article, we’ll be clearing up seven of the most common blood clot myths. Blood clots only happen to older patients and those with poor health This is entirely..

What Is Digital Pathology?

Digital Pathology

Phlebotomy is one of the main diagnostic tools, however, it is only one part of the arsenal of techniques that modern medicine can bring to bear in the study of the causes and effects of disease.   In line with advances in technology, one of the newest and potentially most effective healthcare tools is digital pathology. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the benefits of digital pathology and how it is contributing to medicine. What Is Digital Pathology? According to the Royal College of Pathologists, digital pathology includes the acquisition, management, sharing, and interpretation of pathology..

Can a Smile Really Reduce the Pain of an Injection?


Hundreds of thousands of phlebotomists across the U.S conduction million of blood draws every day and for all of those phlebotomists, one of their key responsibilities is to make the patient as comfortable as possible during that procedure.   New research from the University of California, Irvine School of Ecology, has indicated that simply the act of smiling can reduce the sensation of pain associated with blood draws and reduce stress-induced physiological responses in participants. Smiling Through the Pain The impetus for the study conducted at the University of California was the so-called grimace response. Humans, and certain other animals,..