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“”Congratulations on receiving your Existing Building certification for Northwest Career College and your achievement of being awarded the Three (3) Green Globes rating.”
Sara Rademacher – Senior Director – Green Building Initiative

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What Is A Go Green Initiative?

The Go Green Initiative is all about helping schools create a campus-wide culture of conservation. Schools can have such a profound impact on communities – both by saving precious resources today and by teaching students how to be environmental stewards for a lifetime….

Going Green means pursuing knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

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GBI Awards Northwest Career College With Three Green Globes

The Green Building Initiative (GBI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of building practices that result in resource efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings. The GBI advances this mission through credible and practical green building approaches for more sustainable communities.

The Green Globes certification evaluates six major areas of environmental efficiency.

1. Energy

Six years ago, NCC was awarded a federal and state energy grant to install solar panels on our main campus building. The photo-voltaic panels were installed on every available roof surface. They provide about 15% of the total energy needed to operate the main building.

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2. Water

NCC attacks excess water usage both inside and outside of buildings: the existing pressure-assisted toilets have been adjusted below 1.5 gpf.(gallons per flush) and the landscaping is a xeriscaping plant palette which minimizes the use of irrigation water.

3. Resources

By implementing new computer apps, the school has reduced the generation of paper in a shift to increased electronic communications. Additionally, there are dual trash/recycle receptacles and advisory signage throughout the NCC campus.

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4. Emissions, Effluents, Pollution Control

NCC’s landscaping and pest control services promote holistic practices that minimize pollutants released into the air and toxins leeched into the earth.

5. Indoor Environment

For the health and safety of everyone at NCC, smoking is not permitted in any campus building. The internal building workings reflect that fan coil units are well maintained and accessible for maintenance and all measured CO2 levels are within Green Globe requirements.

6. Environmental Management System

Northwest Career College maintains a written environmental policy that is reflected in our supply purchasing plans. Additionally, NCC actively promotes a “Go Green” initiative through its distribution of metal water bottles to all students, staff and faculty to eliminate plastic bottle and paper cup usage.

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Northwest Career College is committed to environmental sustainability. This is demonstrated through our policies and procedures that have been implemented as part of our continual improvement of our main campus.

This commitment to the environment has earned NCC an 82.6% rating resulting in the awarding of Three Green Globes certification

Please join Northwest Career College in creating a healthier, safer and more sustainable environment both on our campus and throughout our community.

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For additional information on sustainability matters, please visit:

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Go Green! Join The NCC Staff And Faculty!

Northwest Career College is committed to our environment