Tobi Lange, L.M.T., C.M.T.

Tobi Lange

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Tobi has been passionate about the study of the human mind and body since she was a teenager. Having traveled the world for the last 26 years, educating herself in the healing arts in India, South America, Europe, and Australia, Tobi has now joined our Massage Therapy Instructor team to pass those lessons and experiences on to our students.

For Tobi, the best thing about working at Northwest is the sense of belonging to an amazing team and family of individuals whose goals and passions are in line with her own. Tobi’s own professional passion is to teach, create, talk about, write about, and learn anything about the human body.

At the weekend, Tobi can be found watching movies and documentaries, spending time outdoors, or learning to cook.