Tabitha Wiggins, CPht

Tabitha Wiggins

Originally from Blythe, CA, a small town, three hours south of Las Vegas, Tabitha moved to Las Vegas with her brother and best friend in 2015 for bigger and better opportunities and Vegas has not let her down.

Now one of our valued Pharmacy Technician Instructors, Tabitha originally considered a career as a nurse and attended Grand Canyon University, however, she really found her niche when she attended UEI college in San Diego. Having discovered her passion she went on to completed UEI’s Pharmacy Tech Program in 2010.

Having joined NCC, Tabitha loves that Northwest has such a great atmosphere and is so welcoming to staff and students. She is excited to be a part of the team here and is looking forward to training up future pharmacy technicians.

On her weekend, Tabitha can be found hanging out with her family at home. Both her and her family we love to cook and are always trying out new recipes.