Re’Naldo Radford, C.M.A

Renaldo Radford

Re’Naldo was born in Portland and moved to the Bay Area in California by the age of 12. After high school, he moved around a lot as part of his military service in the USAF, mostly in Texas and Washington.

Re’Naldo first made his way to Las Vegas in 2006 and has returned twice going on about 9 years and counting now.

Before attending the Fire Academy and S.E.R.E. school within the USAF, Re’Naldo graduated from Hogan High School and Western Career College respectively.

Part of what drew Re’Naldo to become part of the NCC family is the opportunity to help someone achieve their goals and knowing that he played a small part in their big scheme of things.

On the weekends, Re’Naldo spends his time working on his craft as a DJ, spending time in the kitchen, working out at off times in the morning, and enjoying life with his family.