Nathaly Martinez, B.B.A

Nathaly Martinez photo

Born in Brooklyn, NY, but raised in the Queens area, Nathaly went to Bayside High School in Queens and obtained a BBA from Baruch College in NYC. Having moved out to Nevada after visiting one of her peers from middle school lived out here, Nathaly has established herself in a career in admissions.

Having been exposed to so many different institutions, Nathaly finds it refreshing to find a place where the student matters to everyone. She believes that the family-oriented environment here at NCC is conducive to healthy, and fun, employee interaction and that the enthusiasm trickles over into the lives of students.

Nathaly’s professional passions include contributing to society on a daily basis, meeting with new people and getting to know different backgrounds and life stories, and helping people to make life changes, making her ideal for her role in our admission department.

On the weekends, Nathaly can be found playing the piano, guitar, and the drums, going to church, spending time with family and friends and taking as much time as she can to listen to and play music.