Michael Gray

Michael Gray

Michael was born in San Francisco Area raised in a small city Named Morgan Hill next to the garlic capital of the world, Gilroy.

Due to my fathers’ job, he attended two high schools in California and two high schools in Utah. After high school, he attended about four colleges, all of which are in California.

He decided to move to Las Vegas early pre-Covid in 2020 in hopes to grow towards a beautiful new chapter in his life.

Michael has been a dental assistant since 2011 and still loves every second of it. He has worked in locations from celebrity dental offices to private small offices in small communities. Michael has always been a Lead Back Office Manager and really enjoys helping to lead offices and staff to success.

Coming from a dental professional background, a long-term professional passion of Michael’s is educating patients on the basics of keeping their oral hygiene up to a good quality that they will benefit from. His long-term professional passion is to strive for self-improvement whether it be personally or professionally.

Michael’s personal passions are computers and learning new healthy recipes for cooking.

For Michael, the Best thing about working at Northwest Career college is being able to help and guide not just the community but a portion of society who are willing to improve and develop who they are toward an adept and skillful version of themselves they will be proud of.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys building computers, playing the guitar, traveling, and experiencing new foods and new places.