Krystal Mosley

Krystal Mosley

Krystal was born in the Philippines, moved to Guam when she was about 2 years old, and moved with her family to Las Vegas in 2003.

Krystal started High School at Western High School, moved and went to Clark High School and Cimarron High School for her Sophomore and Junior year and finally graduated back at Western High School in 2008.

Now a member of our front office team, Krystal strives to be the best version of herself and her abilities as well as the best teammate or partner to whoever she works with, both professionally and personally.

For Krystal, the best thing about working for Northwest Career College is the Family aspect. There is so much love, respect, and professionalism. You can not only hear and see it, but you can feel it as well. Krystal loves that everyone is always rooting for the next person’s growth.

In her spare time, Krystal can be found gardening, participating in arts and crafts or going on little adventures with her family and going out with her sisters and mom to different local food spots.