Kheira Rebial, B.S.

Kheira Rebial

Originally born in North Africa and raised in France, Kheira came all the way to Nevada in 2014 and decided to stay when she met her husband while he was serving in the Army as an EMT.

Having studied accounting and finance, paralegal studies, psychology, and sociology in human behavior at university, Kheira achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in accounting in 2013.

Kheira’s professional passions are to learn and grow with the company she works for. Kheira loves helping people to get better especially new graduates or students and especially if they are struggling academically. She will go out of her way to help them to make connections in the subject they are struggling with.

For Kheria, The best thing about working with Northwest career college is family-oriented the workplace, the positivity and, most importantly, how much NCC family cares about the students

Animals are Kheira’s personal passion. She has three dogs and volunteers at animal shelters on the weekends. In her spare time, she enjoys morning walks with her dogs, hikes on the weekends, and sharing precious time with her husband and daughter.