Gabriella Benitez, C.C.M.A.

Gabriella Benitez

Born and raised here in Vegas, Gabriella has traveled around a lot since she was 19. She’s been to eight different countries and about 20 states. She loves living in Vegas but enjoys seeing how other places all over the world live as well.

Gabriella went to Coronado HS and is currently a nursing student at Arizona College of Nursing. Now a member of our Medical Assisting Department, Gabriella’s professional passion is to evolve, learn and teach others to help them along the way.

A huge advocate for patient care and going above and beyond for her patients, Gabriella wants to keep that passion going as her career takes off.

For Gabriella, the best thing about working for NCC is the impact and connections that she will make with students and faculty along the way.

In her spare time, Gabriella can be found playing a variety of sports or spending time with her family.