Dustine Delosreyes

Dustine Delosreyes

Dustine was born in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. at just 3 years old. An aspiring future Nurse Practitioner, Dustine attended Western High School before coming here to NCC.

Dustine’s professional passions are all related to healthcare, self-improvement, and enjoying helping others regardless of the situation, be it medical, mental, financial, or personal.

As for personal passions, Dustine enjoys exercise, bodybuilding, self-improvement, and motivating others to be better than who they were yesterday.

For Dustine, the best thing about working at NCC is the family-oriented team and engaging with the students.

One thing Dustine has always sought out was a career that includes the opportunity to have a family orientation, and, as a previous student here at NCC, Dustine could see that, not only do the instructors and staff help the students out, but they always try to keep a smile on each other’s face, and always look out for each other.

As for student engagement, it is a great way for Dustinee to motivate and inspire students to become the best version of themselves while providing them with the necessary tools and skills to conquer the field of medical assisting.

At the weekend, Dustine enjoys working out, bodybuilding, self-improvement, and motivational books and videos.