Andre Isbell, PhD

Andre Isbell

Originally from Michigan City, Indiana, Andre spent twelve years in the United States Air Force before working for a few multinational companies in places like the UAE, Uganda,
Ethiopia, Germany, Ecuador, and Brazil.

Andre’s personal passion is helping people reach their professional and personal goals which why he became an instructor in our Legal Studies Program.

Passionate about criminal justice and its multifaceted discipline, which covers law enforcement and includes social justice, prison reform, and crime prevention, Andre graduated with an M.A. from Penn State. He then moved on to his Ph.D. at Walden University, focussing on the prevention of child abuse and gender-based violence.

For Andre, the best thing about working for NCC is that the staff are extremely student-focused and have a vested interest in each student’s success.

At the weekends, you can find Andre enjoying the outdoors while fishing or at the beach.