Amanda Beardsley, R.M.A.

Amanda Beardsley

Amanda has over twenty years of diverse medical experience, but her real specialism lies in emergency medicine. She started her career in the field of medicine at the age of sixteen as Pharmacy Technician before becoming immersed into the world of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. Initially volunteering at the local city Fire & EMS as a Cardiac Technician/Paramedic-Intermediate, Amanda also began working in phlebotomy for a major regional hospital and would go on to become the Lead Phlebotomist.

After a career in Fire & EMS Service and phlebotomy that lasted over seventeen years, Amanda transitioned into the field of Medical Assisting. Hired immediately after graduation into the busiest and most recognized Cardiology practice in the area, Amanda was quickly promoted Lead MA of the Electrophysiology Department. Now our Medical Assisting Co-Program Chair and Medical Administrative Assisting Program Chair at Northwest Career College, Amanda brings an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and experience to educating the next generation of medical and allied health professionals.