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Am I Eligible for VA Approved Funding in 2021?

VA Education Benefits

The rules for VA Approved Education Funding have changed slightly for 2021, so if you’re thinking of joining us here at NCC to start a new career after your service, here is a rundown of the rules around eligibility.  Am I Eligible for Education Benefits? According to the VA, You may be eligible for VA education benefits (Chapter 35 benefits) if you’re the child or spouse of a service member and one of the descriptions listed below is true of the service member.   One of these must be true. The service member:   Died in the line of duty..

Why You Should Go Back Into Education After Service

Back Into Education After Service

Every military veteran returning from service has given tremendously to the country. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to transition to being home.    Perhaps you joined the forces immediately after high school or college, and it can seem like the only career you know is serving in the armed forces.    The truth is that there are endless opportunities, everything from an art and design career to engineering. And one of the best ways to access these opportunities is by going back to school.    Here are a few reasons why you should consider returning to school after service A..

The Benefits of Vocational Training

vocational training

Vocational training provides you with a focused set of skills and knowledge needed to perform a particular job. It might be the administrative skills need to be successful as a business administrative assistant or the legal skills needed to become a paralegal.    Regardless of what you’re training for, there some huge benefits associated with vocational training, and today we’ll be discussing some of them. Focus on Your Career A standard four-year college degree is generally composed of specialized training combined with general education courses and electives that may not have any application to your chosen career.    With vocational..

Senate Asked to Help Military Spouses in the Dental Field

Military Spouses

In November this year, Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah introduced the Military Spouse Licensing Relief Act of 2020. The act would allow military spouses with valid professional licenses in one state reciprocity in the state where their spouse is currently serving on military orders.   This a hugely important step for those military spouses whose ability to work in the state where their partner stationed is restricted by the fact that their professional licenses might not be valid across all states.   In this article, we’ll be looking at the provisions of the Military Spouse Licensing Relief Act of 2020 and..

How to Use COOL to Set up for a Civilian Career

soldier retiring from us military

In 2019, the U.S. Army moved from a seniority-based promotion system to a merit-based system via an overhaul of its centralized promotion board. As part of that overhaul, the Army Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) was put in place to help soldiers find the right course for their needs.   In today’s article, we’ll be looking at what COOL is, what it does, and how it can help to set you up for a civilian career when you leave the service. What Is the Army Credentialing Opportunities Online? With the move to a merit-based system, the U.S. Army looked to reward..