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What is medical scribe and what does medical scribe do?

a medicala scriber working on computer

With the ever-increasing use of electronic health records (EHR) and the higher level of documentation required in EHRs, physicians are needing help maintaining records adequately. The medical scribe is an important part of the health care team typically not directly involved in clinical duties. The scribe serves as the recorder, much like a stenographer in a court room. A scribe is efficient with computers, EHRs and has a good understanding of medical terminology. Also, the scribe must have good listening skills and attention to detail.   When working alongside a physician, the scribe will record almost all aspects of the encounter...

Why I Love Being a Medical Assistant

Female Medical Assistant smiling in the foreground while an elder patient is receiving advice from his doctor in the background.

Medical assisting was never a job to me, it was a calling. Many medical assistants move on to higher education but I never sought that out because I was so happy with my part in the medical industry. There are so many choices of specialties and types of venues that most anyone can find something and some place that suits them. We have traditionally been locked into office clinics, however we are breaking into urgent cares and even hospitals working under hospitalists.   Assisting providers to make a difference in the lives of the concerned and frightened patients is very..