Using Healthcare Data Analytics To Improve Patient Outcomes

Healthcare Data Analytics

Modern healthcare providers are increasingly moving towards using digitized patient records as a method of healthcare analysis. Hard copy patient data is difficult to store, retrieve and organize. By comparison, electronic health records (EHRs) not only solve these problems, but are far easier to share between healthcare providers and represent a source of digital information that can be used in improving patient outcomes. What Is Healthcare Data Analytics? Healthcare data analytics is defined as the responsible analysis and use of electronic health data that is captured in computer systems, such as EHRs. Simply put, a patient's data is mined for..

How To Improve As A Dental Administrative Assistant?

A Dental Administrative Assistant talking with client

Dental administrative assistants are often the unseen motors of the dental practice, keeping the machinery of the workplace running smoothly. Actively switching between back office and front desk, they address a wide variety of tasks and often have an extremely fast-paced work day. With so many responsibilities to shoulder, the dental administrative assistant should always be looking for ways to excel, so we’ve collected together some top tips on how you can become more efficient and effective. Top Tips 1. Get to know your dentist: As an administrative assistant, is is important that you cultivate a good working relationship with..

How Maintain A Strong Immune System When Working In Healthcare

A Stressed Medical Admin Assistant

Choosing a career as a medical administrative assistant means dedicating your life to helping the sick and injured and, as part of that commitment, working in an environment where sickness and potential infection are prevalent. Maintaining a strong immune system when working in that kind of environment can seem daunting, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to keep you healthy.   Exercise - Working as a medical administrative assistant can involve spending long periods on your feet and, after a hard day at work, it can be tough to convince yourself to hit the gym. However, if you want..

Medical Assistant vs Medical Administrative Assistant

Women Medical Assistant and Medical Administrative Assistant

What Are The Differences? On the surface there doesn't seem to be much difference between medical assistant and medical administrative assistant but, despite the similarity in names, the two positions have very different roles and responsibilities.   Both medical assistants and medical administrative assistants are customer facing, and they are one of the first members of a clinical practice to interact with patients during the 990 million visits we make to a healthcare provider each year. The difference between the two roles becomes more apparent when it comes to treating those patients, as the medical administrative assistant is primarily clerical..

What Can I Do With Medical Administrative Skills?

A Medical Administrative Assistant working-at-her-desk

Many students are curious as to where the skills being taught in the Medical Administrative Assistant program, here, at Northwest Career College, can be used when they have completed their program. The nice thing about Medical Administrative Assisting is that a person with skills required for the position can work anywhere, whether it is in a small private medical office or a large hospital or clinic. Every clinic, private practice, hospital, surgery center, etc., has the need for administrative assistance, and the requirements will vary according to the wants and needs of the providers and managers. You will find, however,..

What Is A Vaccine Anyway?


In a few months, the flu season will be upon us. And for those of you who opt to get the flu vaccine, ever wonder where the vaccine comes from?   According the Center for Disease Control, there are three types of vaccine manufacturing processes. Don’t be too alarmed, they sound worse than they really are and remember you cannot get the flu from the vaccine. More on this later.   The first type of vaccine is derived from an egg based process. The vaccine virus is grown in eggs and then injected into fertilized hen’s eggs. The virus is..

The Sweet Smell Of Success


What does it take to be successful? Ever wonder what is involved in being considered the best at what you do and reaching your full potential? This may help.   Set Goals – Write down a list of things you want to do and set dates. Be realistic, you can’t do them all in a week. Make the dates concrete. Maybe even help to share them with others as this adds validity to the goals.   Get Started – Start now! Do not procrastinate. The power of momentum will help you in accomplishing your goals.   Think Positive – Be..

The Ethics of Healthcare


When studying healthcare, the topic of ethics is always addressed. Ethics can be defined as rules and principles which govern how someone behaves. These same types of guiding behaviors can be applied to groups and societies as well. Ethics shape how we act and behave.   Anything out of established principals is typically deemed unethical. Some principles leave no room for debate while others have “gray” areas which leads to much debate. For example, the use of embryonic stem cells and abortion. Both of which challenge principles of life and death.   How we use the rules and principles can..

Customer Service Does Matter

front desk customer service

A few days ago, I had a medical appointment which required returning in 48 hours to return some equipment. When I entered the office to return the equipment, I approached the desk and waited to be acknowledged by the front desk MA. The “Hello” or “May I help you?” never came. Instead, a form was quickly produced, highlighted for me to sign and pushed across the counter. I signed it, placed the equipment on the counter and watched as the equipment was retrieved and placed in a bag with a copy of the form I signed. A quick “thank you”..

The Different Ways We Communicate

The Different Ways We Communicate

In a recent class, we were discussing various communication types, both verbal and nonverbal. We discussed the difference between the two and how in the medical field we must be cognizant of how each is used. Also discussed was tone and how tone adds depth to the communication. Tone can add much to communication, shaping how the message is conveyed and received.   With this in mind, have you ever you listened to yourself communicate and see what tone you are using? Bored communicators often have flat sounding voices which may convey apathy or lack of interest. When we are..