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How to choose a new career path

Career Path

If you're in the career market, then this article is for you. Northwest Career College offers career coaching to help guide students through career exploration and decision-making.   This includes exploring majors, career paths, skill sets, work experience, and internships. We want our students to have a clear idea of what they are good at so that they can find their perfect career path!   In this article, we'll be discussing how to choose a new career path that suits your skills and interests.   How Do I Choose a New Career Path? The first step in choosing a new..

8 tips for choosing an online college

Online College

Have you thought about earning your degree online but don’t know where to start? We understand that not everyone can earn their degree on campus.    You have a family, a full-time job, or an obligation that keeps you busy for most of the day. So, earning your degree online is your way to get the college education you want without having to commit to attending a campus during the week. How do you find the right online college?   We have created a list of 8 simple tips for choosing an online college that meets your educational goals!   ..

FAFSA 2021: the facts

student aid

If you’re considering applying to join us here at NCC, and you should be, one of the first steps you should take is figuring out what student financial aid is available to you. To help out, we’;ve put together this brief guide to the facts for FAFSA 2021.   What Types of Federal Student Aid Are Available? According to Student Loan Hero, while there are no overall FAFSA income limits, the type of aid you’re eligible for and whether you qualify for need-based financial aid will depend on your family’s finances.   Even if you don’t think you qualify for..

Great resources for students looking for financial aid

Looking for Financial Aid

Are you a parent, a student, or a college admissions counselor who needs to know more about paying for college?   In addition to books and magazine articles that offer insights, there are also a number of blogs that offer advice. Here is a list of some we found that offer good information.   The Millennial Money Man Blog A blog that offers good advice about personal finance and debt. Recent post: “7 Ways to Pay Off Student Loans Faster”   Student Debt Warriors Blog Topics include debt reduction, borrowing, and paying for college. Recent post: “Six Ways You Can..

Top tips for online learning

online study

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, online learning has become the most popular and viable option for those looking to enter into education. Here at Northwest, we provide full support, including a laptop, for all our online learners. So, if you’re taking an online course to extend your learning, here and some top tips to help you get the best from it.   Treat it as You Would in Person One of the best ways to succeed with online learning is to treat the experience as you would with an on-campus class.    This means approaching your studies in the..

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