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6 Great Tips for Learning a New Language

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Follow Your Interests Even if you’re totally excited about this new language learning journey you’ve embarked on, at some point or another chances are studying this new language is going to feel like a chore. My best piece of advice is to find ways to incorporate your studies into things you’re already interested in.   Movies are a really good tool, especially if you can find subtitles in the language you’re learning as well. The subtitles annoyingly don’t always exactly match what’s being said, but it will still keep your brain listening and reading in the same language.   Music..

What Are the Main Difficulties for English Learners?

different languages learning

So you’ve decided to learn English as a second language and now you’re afraid of making mistakes? Don’t worry, you're not alone. English is a complex language and language learners often make mistakes because they are influenced by their native language.   The best strategy when it comes to learning English is to become accustomed to the most common difficulties that new learners face when learning English as a second language. This will help you avoid those mistakes and develop your own successful learning patterns. Benefits of Learning English as a Second Language Learning English as a second language is..

What Is Your ESL Learning Style?

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Every student has their own unique learning style and finding out what yours is can help you with your English studies. Once you understand how you learn, it is easier to set up your work environment and studying techniques to reflect that, allowing you to get the best out of your ESL lessons.   Where not everyone has a learning style that fits into an easy category, below are five general learning styles that cover most students. If you see one that you obviously fit into, you can use the learning tips we’ve included to help you make the most..

Five Tips For Overcoming Your Language Learning Anxiety

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Have you ever been sat in a language lesson and wished that the ground would just open up and swallow you? Do you stay awake all night panicking about your exams? Have you ever avoided speaking during class or assignments because you were scared of making a mistake? Don’t worry if you have these kinds of anxious thoughts and feelings are common among foreign language learners. To help you get the best out of your English lessons, here are some tips on how to manage that anxiety.   Not Every Word In Your Sentence Must Be Correct It is totally..

How To Learn English By Listening To Music

Learning English by listening music

Learning a new language is all about making it part of your life and spending a little bit of time every day concentrating on picking up something new about the language you are learning and slowly building up your fluency.   Music is an easy way to build English into your daily routine. It’s a low effort, low impact way to pick up pronunciation and colloquial phrases or expressions and is as simple as putting in your headphones. Listening to music in English means to can be studying whenever you are on the move and while you are completing other..

5 Easy Ways You Can Improve your English

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English is widely regarded as one of the most difficult languages to properly master, filled with inconsistent rules, odd word uses and strange grammar. By comparison, the benefits of learning English are fairly easy to understand. A good grasp of English, in a majority English speaking country, leads to better connections with your community, better job prospects, and a better social life.   It’s because of these obvious benefits that we here at Northwest offer free English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for Spanish speaking individuals that are open to all our students, their families, and their friends. If..

Should I Learn More Than One Language At The Same Time?

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Time is a luxury that most of us don’t have and, given that learning a language is a time consuming and slow process , the idea of learning more than one language at once can seem attractive. This is particularly true when it comes to learning English.   As English is the dominant language in the U.S. learning it comes with a host of benefits, but you may have a personal or professional interest in learning another language and be considering trying to learn both at the same time. In this article we will examine if learning more than one..

Why English Is A Difficult Language To Learn

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1.5 billion speak English worldwide, with about 360 million of those people speaking English as their first language. You would expect a language that is spoken by around 20% of the world's population to be relatively easy to learn, but as any ESL learner will tell you, it is not. Packed full of unpredictable spelling and tricky to master grammar, English can be a difficult language to master. As an ESL learner, building an understanding of why English is so tricky to master is the first step in getting to grips with it. Illogical Structure Because English borrows words and..

Tips for Learning a Language: Part One

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Learning a second language can be difficult, especially for adult learners who often do not have a vast amount of time to devote to language revision. The main trick to language learning is immersion, you need to make the language you want to learn a constant part of you day-to-day activities. To help you achieve that level of immersion, we’ve put together a series of articles with language filled learning tips, to help you make your new language part of your life. Immersive Learning Conversation - Conversation with others who are more fluent in language you are hoping to learn..

The Mental Benefits Of Taking An ESL Class

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Learning English as a second language has a range of benefits, from boosting your career opportunities to improving your ability to socialize. However, there are also physiological benefits to taking an ESL course. Recent research has shown that there are significant benefits for the brain to be gained through learning an additional language. The Benefits of Multilingualism The Ability To Communicate In A New Language - The main benefit a person gains when committing to learn English or any language is the ability to communicate with the language itself. This allows the learner to create connections with a wider range..