The Importance Of Healthy Gums

young girl in a dental office

While perhaps not as well publicized as tooth care, the importance of healthy gums to keeping a healthy mouth cannot be overstated. Your gums are the foundation of a healthy smile as they protect your teeth’s roots and the bones of your jaw.   Neglecting your gums can lead to some rather unpleasant health issues. Poor oral hygiene can result in halitosis, the medical term for bad breath. If bacteria builds up in your mouth, the toxins produced can cause your breath to smell. You may also contract a gum disease, such as Gingivitis, which can leave your gums swollen,..

How to Become A Better Dental Assistant

A Dental Assistant showing mirror to her patient

The dental assistant is a key role in any dental practice, making sure infection prevention protocols are followed, handling front office tasks and assisting the dentist during tricky procedures. As the role has a number of important responsibilities, it is vital that a dental assistant is always looking for ways to improve themselves, so we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to be the best dental assistant that you can be.   Stay proactive - Dental practices are busy places and there is always something to do, especially in a role as multi-purpose as the dental assistant. If you..

What Does A Dental Assistant Do?

Dental assistant assisting a doctor

The dental assistant is a vital part of any dental practice, increasing the efficiency of the dentist and allowing them to deliver a higher quality of oral healthcare. Qualifying as a dental assistant opens up a range of potential career paths, including moving into the fields of dental hygiene, office management, dental sales or building on your dental assistant skills to become a fully qualified dentist.   Despite the importance of the role in a dental practice, and its growing popularity as a dependable career choice, one of the most common questions we get asked here at Northwest Career College..

What Type of Dental Assistant Will You Be?


Here are some things you should consider when you are thinking about becoming a dental assistant. A great dental assistant is: Friendly. Visiting the dentist is probably not your patients' first choice of what to do when it comes to ways to spend their time. That's why dentists need a staff that makes their visit as pleasant as possible! Respectful of patients, their time, and their feelings about visiting the dentist. Is your patient afraid of the drill (or of anything else in the exam room)? A good assistant will do all they can to make a patient's visit comfortable,..

Why You Should Think About Becoming A Dental Assistant?


When people think about healthcare, most often they think about a doctor or a dentist. The next thing that comes to mind are the number of long years in college, then graduate school, possibly an residency, giving up sleep and a social life. Finally, at the end of all that schooling, an exhausted human being opens their own practice and welcomes patients. The people who do go through all of that to become a doctor or dentist need support personnel. Doctors need nurses and receptionists. Dentists need hygienists and dental assistants.   Learning to be a dental assistant involves classroom..

Do I have what it takes to be a Dental assistant?


Dental assisting is a growing field open to both men and women. It is a good choice for someone who likes to help people, is a team player, and a multi-tasker. This ever-expanding career may not be for you if prefer to sit all day as opposed to moving around all day.   As a dental assistant, you will assist dentists in several ways. First, you prepare the patient for the dentist by gathering information, filling out the patient chart, etc. Second, and most importantly to some, you help to calm the anxious patient who is nervous or down right..

On The Road To Success in Dental Assisting


What makes an effective dental assistant? Have you ever wondered why some excel at their work and others bounce from practice to practice and feel unfulfilled? What’s the difference between what I call a “$5 dental assistant,” and someone who is valued in the practice? ” What do the 3 habits look like when applied to dental assisting?   Be Proactive: As Dental Assistants, we work as part of a team, but we work for someone else. It is very easy to fall into the trap of feeling as if we have no control over our work and, in turn,..

Find a Dental Assistant Job


A Dental Assistant enjoys a career that is not only interesting but fulfilling because of the hands-on work and interaction with patients. Dental Assistants are often called the backbone of dental offices, with duties such as assisting dentists during procedures, helping patients before, during and after their dental work, performing basic office duties and teaching patients about maintaining oral health.   Another plus in the dental assistant field is that the profession is stable and strong with expected growth over the next several years offering competitive salaries. For those interested in a dental assistant career, preparation with training and the..

Dental Assistant Skills Can Transferred to Become a Hygienist or Dentist


As you think about what to do with your life, you realize that you have many choices. You can go into law if you like ligation and defense or you can go into the field of medicine. One of the first levels in dentistry you should consider is studying and training to become a Dental Assistant, which can involve training at an accredited institution for about eight to 10 months. This initial course of study will provide you with the primary skills needed to seek employment in a dental facility. This is a good opportunity to work on a daily..

Technology In Your Dental Office

Technology in Dental Office

Have you heard how great technology is and can be for our healthcare services? All the time, right? Not only in the medical and chiropractic areas but also in the dental field. Most of us are anxious and slightly hesitant when our dentist suggests trying a new and exciting treatment. And, at times, it can be a bit scary to be sitting in that dentist’s chair, with machines whirring and making all kinds of noise.   For example, although computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) for dentistry has been available for the past 25-30 years, it’s only been within the past decade..