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5 Tips and Tricks for Business Administration Assistants

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Being a business administration assistant is a fast-paced rewarding career that can sometimes make some pretty serious demands on your time.    If it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, then here are five tips and tricks for busy business administration assistants that can help you streamline your workload. 1) Get Slack to Help Slack is an internal communications app used by many businesses across a range of industries. If your company uses Slack, you can use some of its automated features, or Bots, to help you work smarter.   For instance, you could use Meeting Bot..

How to Support Multiple Executives

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As a busy business administrative assistant, you might find yourself in the position of having to cater to more than one executive. This can be a challenging proposition, as you’ll be expected to balance the expectations and needs of diverse personalities, which can be a frustrating task.   In today’s article, we’ll be looking at some techniques you can use to skillfully navigate a potentially confusing situation. Maintain Communication While keeping an open and active line of communication between you and the executives you are supporting is, as a rule, good practice, group communication when you are supporting multiple executives..

How to Get Your Afternoon Boost Without Coffee

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For most of us, coffee is our traditional pick me up to get us out of that post-lunch slump. However, while caffeine can improve memory, decrease fatigue, and improve your mental functioning, too much of it can make it harder for you to make decisions, interpret information, and can even have some negative effects on your physical health.   So, if you’re looking for an admin-friendly way to get your afternoon boost without resorting to caffeine, here are some ideas. Listen to Music Listening to music engages the same part of the brain that deals with learning and data processing...

What Skills Are Important to Becoming a Successful Business Administrative Assistant

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The modern business administrative assistant is an integral part of a business team and so needs to have a large skill set that covers a range of areas, from the technological to the strategic. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the skills you’ll master as part of our Business Administrative Assistant Course. Technological As part of being a business administrative assistant, you’ll be asked to perform tasks like data entry, managing team calendars, and the creation of reports, all of which require you to have excellent computer skills and in-depth knowledge of how to use Microsoft Office..

5 Executive Assistant Blogs You Should Be Following

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Following a good executive assistant blog is a great way to keep up to date with the rapidly changing world of business administration. Flicking through a collection of them on a regular basis is a great way to find helpful resources and tips and even get a healthy dose of comedic relief.   So, to help you out, there are five executive assistant blogs you should be following. Musings of a High-Level Executive Assistant As you might expect from a blog called Musings of a High-Level Executive Assistant, this executive assistant blog features first-hand advice from an executive assistant and..

4 Tips for Becoming a Fantastic Business Administrative Assistant

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Business administrative assistants are key cogs in most modern business environments, working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and the front line staff has the support they need to shine.   If you are considering starting a career as a business administrative assistant, or are looking for your first position in the field, here are tips for becoming a fantastic business administrative assistant.   Expand Your Portfolio Microsoft Office skills, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook are considered essential to working in a modern office environment. However, there are a number of other apps..

How to Become a Freelance Business Administrative Assistant

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Many Americans are embracing the so-called gig economy and enjoying the flexibility in employment and enhanced work/life balance that freelance employment enables. One of the main growth areas of freelance work is the business administrative assistant space, with small and medium businesses increasingly turning to “digital assistants” as an alternative to less cost-effective in-house assistant. Starting Out When starting out as a freelance business administrative assistant, your first step should be to consider your own skillset. Make a list of the skills you currently possess and also the areas you most enjoy working in.    Consider the types of clients..

What Is a Business Administrative Assistant?

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Business administrative assistants perform vital clerical and administrative tasks that support individuals and organizations. In this article, we will be looking at what the responsibilities of a business administrative assistant are, what training is needed to become one, what the job market and pay are like for the role, and why now is an excellent time to consider training as one. What Are the Responsibilities of a Business Administrative Assistant? Business administrative assistants normally take on a range of clerical, administrative, and customer-facing responsibilities that can include:   Greeting visitors to the workplace and attending to them during their stay Answering..