Spring for a Massage

  • Massage Therapy
  • March 11, 2024
  • 2 min read

We all love the arrival of Spring!  That glorious time when nature greens again and all the flowers bloom.  Many of us are doing spring cleaning, either indoor housework or work outdoors like gardening.  Along with this activity come potential aches and pains, not to mention the possibility of a sunburn.  Sunscreen and stretching before any strenuous activity can help, but if that’s not enough, just book yourself a massage!  Let your sun-dried skin be nourished with massage gel and relieve those aching muscles with a good Swedish or deep tissue massage.

Also during Spring, we experience the joys and stresses related to all the various activities that take place this time of year, such as final exams, graduations and weddings.  For me, just the idea of getting back into a bathing suit stresses my nerves.  A great way to relieve such anxiety and tension is by getting a massage or purchasing a gift certificate for someone else who needs some relief.

Massage therapy is always the perfect gift!  A massage will not spoil or just sit on a shelf collecting dust.  Getting a gift certificate for someone is a thoughtful way to let them know you care about their health and well-being.  Giving the gift of massage is ideal for that person who has everything, or for that someone you just draw a blank when considering what kind of gift to buy.  If you are giving a gift certificate to someone who has never had a massage before, wow!  What an incredible world of healing and enjoyment you are opening up for them.

To fulfill all your spring gift giving needs, call Northwest Career College and purchase gift certificates for therapeutic massage.  They are affordably priced and are sure to be appreciated by any recipient, young or old.  Not only that, a Northwest Career College student therapist will receive the opportunity to demonstrate and sharpen their massage skills.  So, just do it!  Spring for a massage this Spring!

Ivy Adams
Massage Therapy Program Chair

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Ivy is a proud graduate of Northwest Career College, class of 1999, and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist ever since. Her eighteen years of experience has taken her through an eclectic array of…Read Full Bio