Preparing Your Patients for an MRI


As Medical Assistants, one of our duties is preparing our patient for radiological procedures. One procedure in particular can be very trying for a patient: the MRI. Although this is a minimally invasive procedure many patients find it extremely uncomfortable.


Because patients are placed in a narrow tube for this test to be performed, many patients who suffer from claustrophobia, a very common fear of enclosed spaces, have a very difficult time with this test.  Medical Assistants need to inform patients before their appointments that they will be confined in the tube for approximately 60 minutes and that they will need to lay still for that time period.


The MRI machine makes an incredibly loud banging sound that many patients find unnerving. Even though patients are provided with headphones and music is playing, the banging sound from the MRI machine can still be heard and often truly scares the patient.


It is also important to prepare your patient for the warm flushing feeling they will experience if they are given contrast medium. Your job of preparing your patients for what to expect will help them have a less uncomfortable and traumatic experience.  Do not underestimate the importance of a Medical Assistant before, during and after an MRI procedure is run.


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