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“My experience at Northwest Career College was an experience I will never forget for the
rest of my life. The faculty and staff at Northwest are so warm and welcoming. It’s like an
extended family. They go beyond their duties and responsibilities to help a student. This
place is the best!!!”
Philip Atienza – Massage Therapy Graduate

The Northwest Alumni Association exists to keep you connected with the college, your colleagues and the community. It costs nothing to join and keeps you in the know. When you join, you will receive a welcome packet from the Northwest Alumni Association. You can stop by and pick it up or we can mail it to you. (Allow 7 -10 days for delivery). Northwest Career College knows an education is forever and we want to be a part of your future as well as having been part of your past. We are always looking for alumni to do come-backs and to share your career experiences with our current students. You cannot imagine how inspirational you can be to students…those who are excited, or scared or unsure if they can make it to graduation. Often an alumni come-back gives them the extra boost they need to finish strong!


Request for .edu Email Address

If you have not received your .edu email address from Northwest Career College, please register here by filling out the form below and one will be emailed to you with your temporary password. Once you set up your permanent password, register to join the Northwest Career College Alumni Association.


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